Thursday, May 15, 2008

We've moved...blogs

We're now posting all our wonderful new merchandise, special event notifications, and fashion show pictures on wordpress. Check it out at!
While you're there, make sure to check out the new online store!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Brand: Steelo

Steelo, by definition, is an individual’s unique personal style and sense of self expressed thru fashion. And that's just what designer Matt Levine's innovative collection does: allow men to represents their style, and their energy thru clothing. Influenced by "the confidence of New York, the style of Los Angeles, and the creativity of Japan," Steelo is an outlet for fashion-forward men to explore fashion and rock it out in their own way.
Grey Tapered Blazer: $279.50
Detail on Grey Tapered Blazer

Jedidiah Arrivals

"Smile" Tee: $29.50

This delivery also includes another tee from the Hope Collection, which is a series designed to benefit certain humanitarian organizations and their causes.

"Wings" Tee: $29.50

$5 from the sale of each "Wings" tee will go directly to Gabriel House whose mission is "to rescue children who have been abandoned, discarded and who are in need of medical treatment, [and] help them reach their highest level of independence and functioning."
To find out how you can help visit

At Collins has Arrived

Grey Pinstripe "Da Vinci" Woven: $69.50
Detail on "Da Vinci"
*writing is taken from the book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown --
see if you can figure out what it says (you will need a mirror tho)*

Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Arrivals

Tankfarm 'Born Free' Tee: $34.50
RVCA 'Monkey Phone' Tee: $34.50
RVCA 'Chevy Remix' Jeans: $79.50
*slim fit straight leg*
Detail on 'Chevy Remix'

Watch delivery...

... from Vestal!
Shank: $159.50 Saint: $134.50

Fashion for the Soles

Fashion show April 16th!
8PM @ Highway 99 Blues Club
**more details available in the store...or give us a call**

Introducing: Initium Sunglasses

Admirals Club
Black (Polarized): $154.50
Tortoise: $134.50 O'Hare
Black: $164.50
Tortoise: $164.50
Two more styles, Heathrow and Big Blind are available in the store so come check 'em out!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shorts and Denim

Paul Frank 'Biscayne' Blue Plaid Shorts: $64.50
Paul Frank 'Corvair' Grey Trouser Shorts: $74.50
William Rast 'Billy-Olympus' Jeans: $224.50
Back Detail on 'Billy-Olympus'
Howe 'Tough Rider-Live In' Jeans: $124.50
Back Detail on 'Tough Rider-Live In'

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Arrivals

Tankfarm 'Virtue' V-neck: $44.50
*premium cotton makes this the softest Tankfarm tee yet*
Insight 'Officer' Shorts: $59.50
*love the contrast belt loop*
Insight 'Kill Retro' Boardshorts: $59.50

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We just wanted to say...

To celebrate our new customer rewards program, we would like to offer you, our loyal blog readers, 20% off your next phone or in-store purchase. Just mention this blog :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


... Brandon!
He's one of our favorite tough guys and a long standing fan of Cardboard Robot. You can usually catch him at one of our fashion shows or parties with a corona in hand :)

Cardboard Robot 'Bandit' Hoodie: $129.50

Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Tankfarm

Blue Plaid 'Cody' Button-up: $94.50
Detail on 'Cody'
*The snap closures on front that look like buttons and the patches make this a unique piece*
'Renegade' Tee: $44.50
'Dean' Hooded Button-up: $104.50
Detail on 'Dean'
*Graphic from the 'Renegade' tee makes another appearance of the inside lining*
Detail on 'Dean'
*Once again the snap closures are made to look like real buttons--very cool*

William Rast Denim

'William' Twist Seam Flare in Orpheus wash: $224.50
*great light wash for spring and summer...also notice the twisted seams*
Detail on 'William'
'Billy' 5 Pocket Flare in Dusk wash: $224.50
*Looks great with the Monarchy 'Core Crow' Tee--really brings out the pocket detailing*
Detail on 'Billy'

Spring Tees

...from RVCA and Howe!
RVCA 'Dirty Jarrah' Tee: $39.50

Detail on 'Dirty Jarrah' -- notice the signature red stitching Howe 'Picture Perfect' Tee: $49.50 Howe 'This Town' Tee: $49.50

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Monarchy Tees

'Core Crow' Tee: $79.50
Detail on 'Core Crow'
Detail on 'Core Crow'
'Sparrow Bookplate' Tee: $79.50
Detail on 'Sparrow Bookplate'
Detail on 'Sparrow Bookplate'

New Insight

'Jazz Rebel' Woven with Tie: $69.50
Detail of Tie sold with the 'Jazz Rebel'

It really just looks SO much better here's a shot of Jarod rockin' it from our spring Fashion show!
'Shieldman' Tee: $39.50
*LOVE the stripes on the back*

Detail on 'Shieldman'